'Minibar' Guitar Effect Pedal Effects Are Based On The Conductivity, Opacity Of The Booze You Pour Inside

January 22, 2020


This is the ~$150 Rainger FX Minibar Liquid Analyzer effect pedal. Without any liquid inside it won't make any sound at all, but when you add booze (or any liquid really, including cough syrup, chocolate almond milk, or nail polish remover), the pedal's gain is affected by the liquid's conductivity, and sound equalization by its opacity. Pretty neat. Plus I suppose it could double as a tiny flask in a pinch. *drinks entire contents of effects pedal, guitar stops making sound* Sorry folks, technical difficulties -- show's over. "But this is just the sound check." *smashing guitar into amp* I SAID SHOW'S OVER, ROADIE.

Keep going for a view from a trade show demoing the pedals using Jägermeister, nail polish remover and Coca-Cola.


Thanks to hairless, who just pours his beer all over the connections to his effects pedals and amps and lets it do its thing.

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