Man Demonstrates His Homemade 360-Degree Rolling 3 Degrees Of Freedom Flight Simulator (Now With Simulated G-Forces!)

January 27, 2020

These are a couple videos of the flight simulator cockpit (previously using computer screens, now VR) constructed by Youtuber André Pointner. The unit features three degrees of freedom and is capable of performing 360-degree rolls and even has a belt tension system that tightens around the pilot to simulate up to 3.5 G's (you can hear him groaning in the videos). I'm passing out just thinking about it! I just wrote him to ask if he'll let me use his system to play StarFox. I'm gonna do some many barrel rolls I puke and Peppy Hare still wants to kiss me.

Keep going for the videos. More info about the project if you're interested HERE.

Thanks to Alex S, who agrees if you aren't riding the Gravatron till you puke, why'd you eat all the funnel cake in the first place?

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