Magika!: Guy Pulls Vapor Filled Bubbles From Larger Bubble

January 31, 2020

This is a short video from a kid's birthday party or bar mitzvah some other event that warrants the presence of The Bubble Wizard of his magicalness pulling smaller vapor filled bubbles from a larger vapor filled bubble. I didn't know this could be done and *flourishes cape* I know a lot of tricks. I'll have to add it to my next performance. Unfortunately for him, I'll have to catch and beat the technique out of him because a magician never reveals his secrets unless under extreme physical duress. Trust me *performing detachable thumb trick* legs got broken for this one.

Keep going for the full video. Also, I like how he looks just as amazed as anyone else.

Thanks to Carmen, who agrees you can never go wrong with some good bubble tricks.

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