LOL: This Criss Angel Mindfreak Grand Canyon Jump Magic Trick

January 3, 2020


This is a a clip from A&E's Criss Angel: Mindfreak television series starring the magician's Grand Canyon Death Jump trick from season 6 (he's allegedly jumping his three wheeler off a ramp over the side of the Grand Canyon and appearing in a cage dangling from a helicopter). Arguably the most magical thing about the whole trick is they expected anybody to believe it. You'd think at some point they would have stopped and asked themselves, "Have we done too much coke?" Now I've met real mindfreaks before and they are not people you want to be around without your tinfoil hat on, and even then you shouldn't make contact. They'll get in there. Also I know real magic and if you'd all please take your seats I might be able to demonstrate a li-- WELL WILL YOU LOOK AT THAT -- MY THUMB, IT'S DETACHED! "Dammit, GW." Haha! *attempts disappearing in a cloud of smoke not realizing I mixed up my smoke bombs and fart bombs, entire front row starts puking* Not again.

Keep going for the full, very worthwhile video.

Thanks to Jenn S, who agrees that was not magic.

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