Job Perks: Delivery Guy Sniffs Pizza Waiting For Customer To Answer Door

January 24, 2020

Note: Watch your volume, loud-ass doorbell.

This is a short Ring doorbell cam video of an Eagles fan/pizza delivery guy getting a good huff of a customer's pie while waiting at their door. I like how he looks behind him to make sure nobody is watching before he gets his fix. And his response -- like he just blasted a fat line. Clearly this is a man who loves and appreciates a good pie. And bro, I hope you know I mean it when I say you can come sniff my pizza any night of the week. Shoot, come in and have a slice! Hey you smell like weed.

Keep going for the video while I rewatch it to determine if I can see the endorphins being released.

Thanks again to Ash, for inspiring me to get another job as gas station attendant (I was one in college) for all the free, delicious smells.

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