Interesting: Henry Cavill Breaks Down The Witcher's Blaviken Fight Scene Shot By Shot

January 31, 2020

This is a video of Geralt Of Rivia actor Henry Cavill breaking down the Blaviken fight scene from The Witcher shot-by-shot. I thought it was all very fascinating, but that's just me and I'm-- "A simpleton." Well I was going to say really into The Witcher, but it's nice to know how you feel about me. And just for the record I thought we had something special. A real connection. Like two butt cheeks flapping on opposite sides of a fart, you know? "What?" You're dead to me now.

Keep going for the video while I practice sword fighting in the office and get HR'd.

Thanks to speakerbox, who agrees somebody toss that man a coin.

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