I Could Watch This All Day: Video Of A Super Toilet Flushing 40 Golf Balls, 25 Marshmallow Peeps, 600 Acorns, 5 Pounds Of Gummi Bears

January 15, 2020

In dream toilet news, this is a fantastic "greatest hits" (so close) video of a Metcraft Stainless Steel High Efficient Toilet (HET) using 1.28 gallons of water to flush a variety of stand-in turds, including 40 golf balls, 25 marshmallow Peeps, 600 acorns, a 12-inch chocolate longjohn from Lamar's donut shop, 5 pounds of gummi bears, 5 pounds of grapes, 2.5 pounds of baby carrots, 7 tampons with applicators and wrappers, and 30 feet of toilet paper. Now that is a toilet you can trust. I remember I was watching one of those home-buying shows on HGTV and the guy said you should always bring a package of hotdogs with you when you're viewing a potential home, that way you can see if a toilet can handle flushing the whole package at once. I've lived by that advice ever since. "And?" Caused a lot of water damage.

Keep going for the worthwhile video.

Thanks to John H, who agrees there's nothing more important than a toilet you can count on to flush whatever you throw at it, particularly if you're a drug dealer.

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