Hooligans Use Electronic Whoopee Cushion To Disrupt Snooker Championship

January 23, 2020


This is a video of a small group of hooligans who used a remote controlled electronic whoopee cushion to repeatedly disrupt the Snooker Masters Final at Alexandra Palace in London. Kindly, they never actually activated the fart machine right as somebody was about to shoot, only after shots were made. Still, real mature guys. Here these gentlemen are at the top of their professional sports careers and you're back there messing around with a fart box like a bunch of childr--*squeeeeeeak* OH COME ON.

Keep going for the video (perpetrated by a man who never doesn't look like he just woke up on a couch), complete with ref and announcers getting very frustrated.

Thanks to Tam, who agrees they should have at least had the common courtesy to use real farts, this is cheating.

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