Home Video Footage Of A $3,000 Computer Unboxing In 1995

January 22, 2020

This is a video from Youtuber Gilbert Arciniega of his predominately shirtless brother unboxing a ~$3,000 Compaq Presario CDS back in 1995. Like so many 1990's computers, it appears to be used almost entirely for playing solitaire. Some more info while I scratch my head and find it hard to believe 1995 even existed. It feels like it was a quarter century ago. Wait -- is this a scab? Am I bleeding?:

This is a computer my brother decided to buy back in 1995. As he had always wanted one. VERY EXPENSIVE back in this day! He went to Good Guys to buy it. I think it had 75 mhz and 8 mb ram. And a CD rom drive. I do remember he said he paid about $250 for the printer! And $500 for the monitor.

According to the inflation calculator, $3,000 in 1995 is like $5,060 in 2020. That'll buy a pretty hefty computer. I mean I assume, I haven't bought a new computer in quite some time. I'm *patting box* still using this old thing. What brand is this anyways? "It says Royal Typewriter Company." Hey -- how do I connect to the nudie pics I hear the kids on the bus talking about?

Keep going for the video, which includes some bubble wrap popping at 5:20, solitaire playing and encyclopedia browsing around 6:15, a seriously bitchin' stereo system at 9:55, and some daytime talk show action at 11:50.

Thanks to hairless, who agrees the best thing to happen to computing in 1995 was Windows 98 coming out three years alter.

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