Holy Smokes: A Full Length Shot-For-Shot Remake Of Toy Story 3 In Real Life

January 27, 2020


Eight years in the making (and after receiving Disney's permission to post without cease and desisting), this is Toy Story 3 IRL (links to Facebook project page), a shot-for-shot remake of Pixar's Toy Store 3 faithfully recreated by brothers Morgan and Mason McGrew (an M named family) using stop action in real life (previously posted trailer HERE). That...must have been a hell of an undertaking. Still, the results speak for themselves and *nudging results on stage* well -- go on. "We suck." Dammit, no -- just like we practiced earlier. "We're awesome!" That's more like it! Now let's go get some pizza and ice cream, champs.

Keep going for the video, which, yes, is an hour and forty minutes long because it is the whole movie shot-for-shot.

Thanks to Jessie (like from the movie?!) and speakerbox, who agree labors of love are some of the most respectable labors.

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