Hexapod Robotic Plant Holder That Moves To And From The Sun As Needed, Dances At You To Water

January 14, 2020

This is a video about the HEXA Plant developed by the inventor of the Vincross HEXA robot, Sun Tianqi. Using a slightly modified version of the HEXA robotic platform, the HEXA Plant can move itself from shade to sun as needed (and slowly spin to sun the entirety of its plant), and will dance to indicate its plant needs water. Some more info while I wonder what happened to just letting all your houseplants die slow, painful deaths like a normal person with flesh colored thumbs:

This amazing device will keep you replants alive by finding the sun, as well as the shade when they need to cool down. The HEXA Plant will also spin so every leaf of the plant can soak in the rays.

It will also throw a temper tantrum by stomping around when your plants need watering.

Your gardening assistant can also interact with you, bad if you touch its base, it can spin around and even do a happy dance in the sunny spots of your home.

The robot has a variety of "eyes," including an infrared sensor, a distance sensor, and a 720p camera with night vision. Moreover, it has a built-in WiFi as well as various ports (USB) to expand its many talents.

That's cool, but what about the rest of your houseplants that don't have robotic chariots to march them around all day -- what about them? Also this sound pretty costly just to grow some weed. "Who said anything about growing weed?" Hoho -- not me, narc, I'm done talking.

Keep going for a video demo.

Thanks to Jerry, who agrees the key to taking good care of your houseplants is buying the ones that thrive on neglect in the first place.

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