Good Ideas: Bars Are Installing White Claw Claw Machines

January 13, 2020


Because people can't get enough alcoholic seltzer, several bars across the country (including but by no means limited to Hugo's Taproom Greensburg, Pennsylvania, Jack's American Pub and Milwaukee Brat House, both in Milwaukee, and El Hefe in Scottsdale, Arizona) have installed White Claw claw machines. It appears some have actual full cans in the machine, while others, like Ganbal's Social Club in Kansas City, Missouri, has empty cans that you exchange at the bar for a full, cold one. Man, I'm so good at claw machines (proof of some of my winnings, including a bull whip) I would empty those things. Then trade the White Claws to other bar patrons for something I actually want to drink. "What do you want to drink?" From the Fountain of Youth! "No seriously." The blood of my enemies! "I'm buying." Double shot of tequila with a vodka back.

Keep going for several videos of my new favorite pastime.

Thanks to MSA, who agrees it's five o'clock somewhere. But it's also time to get up and go to work somewhere too. Food for thought.

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