Finally, The Future!: A Beer Cup You Can Drink Out of Without Obstructing Your View

January 2, 2020


This is The Cup, an ESPN giveaway at NASCAR races that allows a user to slam their Busch beer AND watch the endless left turning without obstruction. THE FUTURE. Just kidding, this is actually the past, because The Cup was only given away at NASCAR events back in 2009. And, in case you couldn't tell because you just climbed out of your Y2K10 survival bunker, humanity has done nothing but spiral downhill fast ever since. "I thought this was why beer helmets were invented." Haha, helmets were invented to keep your hands free while you mowed the lawn, but it's cute you thought that. PROTIP: Learn to buttchug without looking and you'll never miss a thing.

Thanks to my buddy Dave L, who tried to tell me I owe him a cold one for the tip. Man, what a jerk.

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