Finally, A Decent Liquid Filled Rolling Office Chair Mat

January 23, 2020


This is the $160 Liquid Encased Office Chair Mat created by Art3D and available on Amazon. The 38-inch by 39-inch mat has a studded bottom for staying put, and a blue liquid inside that moves as you roll around in your chair. Obviously, it's the perfect desk accessory for letting everyone know you're different, and have money. People like that -- always rubbing it in other people's faces, they're the worst. *looking over shoulder* As a matter of fact one of my least favorite coworkers got one of these and-- "Wait why is your mouth blue?" Razzberry Blowpop.

Keep going for a couple more shots while I email the manufacturer to ask if that's the same liquid that's inside Magic 8-Balls (it tasted different).



Thanks again to Alex S, who agrees if you see blue liquid, you drink the blue liquid.

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