Finally, A Baby Yoda, Mike Wazowski, Shrek, And Kermit The Frog Head And Body Matrix

January 22, 2020


Because sometimes the internet feels the need to remind us what it was made for, this is a head and body matrix featuring Baby Yoda, Mike Wazowski, Shrek, and Kermit The Frog. Who's your favorite? I think mine might be Mike The Frog. Like the things my roommate says in his sleep, some of them are just terrifying. And that Baby Yoda headed Shrek -- I've got the feeling that's what real aliens look like. I've also got the feeling that last fart was more than it let on. Now if you'll excuse me *side-stepping to bathroom with my backup khakis* "Wear underwear." I'M AN ADULT.

Thanks to OL, who agrees pretty much anybody with Kermit's body except Kermit is terrifying.

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