Calm Down Sir, You're Going To Hurt Yourself: Guy Extreme Dancing At EDM Festival

January 23, 2020

In somebody should really hire this man to stand outside their used car dealership news, this is a video from a European electronic dance music festival of a guy dancing so hard (is that dancing?) that he may in fact be generating all the music with his head. The song is David Meleon's 'San Salvador,' and I like how this man had the wherewithal (before the drugs set in) to bring his own towel to grip the handrail so he doesn't break free of gravity and blast off. The woman behind him with the lollipop -- she's a real treat too. Honestly, every time I watch it I see something different. Like I didn't even realize they're all dancing right next to the shitters at first.

Keep going for the video while I analyze it for the rest of the afternoon.

Thanks to Colby, who agrees that guy just headbanged the equivalent of like ten professional boxing match KO's.

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