Bush's Baked Beans Sets Guinness World Record With 70-Layer, 1,087 Pound Bean Dip

January 29, 2020


In honor of the upcoming Super Bowl, his is a video of Bush's Baked Beans setting the Guinness World Record for the most likely to drown in bean dip with a 70-layer, 1,087 pound appetizer to end all appetizers (the previous record for layered dip was 540 pounds). I better see one of these at the Super Bowl party I'm attending or I'm gonna be pissed and pee in a corner like a house cat. Now all they're missing is a chip large enough to get a scoop of all 70 layers without breaking. *ahem* TOSTITOS. Also, antacids and anti-fart pills better be at least a dozen of those layers.

Keep going for a Twitter timelapse of the unholy dip being made.

Thanks to Trent, who agrees a Super Bowl party without a banging bean dip is like work on Monday -- you shouldn't go to it.

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