Beautiful Stained Glass TIE Fighter Hanging Pendant Light

January 9, 2020


This is the stained glass TIE fighter pendant light crafted and available for sale from Etsy shop VGfantasy (lucky! my fantasies are never VG, they are usually G or G- at best). If you're rich and interested, the light will set you back $750, and will need to converted from 220V if you live in a country that doesn't use all those volts. The clear glass wings though -- that were an interested design choice. I probably would have gone with a dark blue or grey glass, but what do I know -- I'm not a stained glass light designer, I'm just an idiot on the internet who critiques and criticizes other people's work. "You're a jerk, GW." Yeah well God didn't do such a great job with your face.

Keep going for several more shots while you ponder your purchase decision.





Thanks again to hairless, who informed he he's holding out for a stained glass AT-ST reading lamp. Thanks *tapping side of head* I'll tuck that tidbit of valuable intel away in the vault.

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