An Exoskeleton Suit That Makes Lifting 200 Pounds Feel Like Only Ten

January 14, 2020

This is a video demonstration of the Sarcos Guardian XO Powered Exeskeleton Suit. The 150-pound full-body suit has 24-degrees of freedom and mimics its wearers exact movements but with MORE POWER, and lifting 200 pounds (its current max) only feels like lifting ten (and could be adjusted so you feel like what you're lifting is weightless but then people in exoskeletal suits would just be tossing heavy shit around all willy-nilly and wreaking havoc). The suit, which will be available to rent for $100,000 a year *spit-takes smoothie* and gets about two hours of use (at walking speeds up to 3MPH) with a full charge, was designed so that a single person could perform heavy lifting that would normally require "four to ten people." Man, if it takes ten people to lift 200 pounds, those people *flexing* need to hit the gym for some gains. Me? I hit the gym every day because I get points every time I go. "Yeah but you just check in, buy a smoothie from the juice bar and leave." So what? "And what are points good for anyways?" No clue, hopefully free smoothies.

Keep going for the video while I speculate why you wouldn't just hire weightlifters to do your heavy lifting.

Thanks to Greg C, who agrees alternatively, just hire weightlifters to do your heavy lifting.

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