Aged Like A Fine Wine: Mars Rover Curiosity Selfie Now Versus 7 Years Ago

January 28, 2020


Note: Larger version HERE in case you want to count Martians (I spotted two but one may have been a rock).

This is a shot comparing the Mars Rover Curiosity (which, remember is the size of a small SUV and not an R/C car -- pic for reference) seven years ago when it first landed on the red planet versus now. Sure it's dusty and its wheels are little busted, but overall I think it looks fantastic. Besides, it's not Curiosity's fault those eggheads at NASA didn't have the wherewithal to drop a drive-thru carwash on the planet. *slaps on the back entirely too hard* NOW TELL IT IT LOOKS GOOD.

Thanks to Christina D, who knows what I like, and I like pretending I'm on any other planet than this one.

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