A Selection Of Metal Covers Of Kenny Loggins' 'Danger Zone' From Top Gun

January 20, 2020

Note: Gif is from the Psychostick cover.

With everyone excited about a Top Gun sequel coming out, musicians Dan Vasc and Victor The Guitar Nerd decided to perform a metal cover of Kenny Loggins' get amped classic 'Danger Zone'. And, after searching Youtube, I saw there were already numerous other metal covers of the song (this is the internet, after all). So, to honor those who came before, I added a handful of those as well. I liked the effort most put into their music videos, and I thought the performances were pretty good overall. Maybe not as good as my cover of 'Danger Zone', but that's just because my cover isn't a cover, or even a song at all, it's just where the highway ended and where I live my life now.

Keep going for the music video.

Thanks to my friend becca b, who agrees Danger Zone is good, but Take My Breath Away may have been a more appropriate first dance at my wedding.

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