A Real-Life Transformer Robotic Toy (That Costs $500)

January 13, 2020

This is a video of the Robosen T9 transforming robotic toy. It costs $500 but actually does some real transforming, a lot more than I can say for my physique, despite owning one of those top of the line $3,000 exercise bikes. "You have to use it." That's lame, bragging about it should be enough.

You can literally say "Transform," one of several voice commands, and the Robosen T9 will do so.

And that's just the beginning: with 22 programmable servo motors, this 3.2 pound robot can walk, drive, pose, dance, even do some push-ups on cue. You can program new gestures with a few different interfaces on tablet or phone, including the popular kid-friendly Scratch visual programming language that other beginner robots often use, and control it directly with a touchscreen joystick and buttons as well.

Wow. It all sounds pretty sweet minus the $500 price tag (already available on Amazon). Unfortunately, thanks to my fancy new dust collector, My Transformer toy budget is pretty much identical to what it was when I was a kid. "What was your allowance?" Haha, do I look like a guy who's ever made his bed?

Keep going for a video from CES, as well as a much longer 18-minute video showcasing the entirety of the T9's capabilities.

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