5 Year Old Dressed As Slipknot Drummer Performs The Band's 'Before I Forget'

January 24, 2020

This is a video of 5-year old Caleb H dressed as Slipknot's former drummer Joey Jordison and performing the percussion for the band's 'Before I Forget'. He's got talent, and if he's this good at five, shoot, just imagine how good he'll be at like, six. Or even six and a half. Sold out concerts, groupies, A MERCH TABLE. "What is it with you and merch tables?" They're like tiny one-night-only pop-up stores with very specific offerings.

Keep going for the video while I drum on my desk with two pens until a coworker asks me to stop, I tell them they didn't say the magic word, they say please, and I tell them they've clearly never dabbled in witchcraft or wizardry because, contrary to Muggle believe, please is not a magic word.

Thanks to LCPC, who agrees some people were just born to rock.

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