You're Doing It Wrong: Mega Yacht Captain Rips Control Room Off Drawbridge

December 17, 2019

Note: Volume, wind.

This is a short video from St. Maarten (where I wish we both were right now arguing over tropical cocktails) of a mega yacht coming into a channel a little too close to one side and ripping a drawbridge's control room right off the bridge. Pfft, I could have done that good, and the only captain's hat I've ever worn are the cardboard pirate ones they used to give you at Long John Silver's. Also, I like the two women sitting there drinking their pinot grigios like they're too drunk to be bothered with a mega yacht on the loose and hell-bent on destruction and it isn't about to slice through the back deck of Sunshine & Vine like a hot knife through brie.

Keep going for the full video with a much more watchable frame rate.

Thanks to CT, who agrees somebody's about to get downgraded to a dinghy.

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