You Know How I Feel About Fire: No-Moving-Parts Tesla Valve Explained With Fire

December 16, 2019

This is a video of Youtuber NightHawkInLight explaining and demonstrating how Tesla valves work using the combustion of propane in one as a visible example. What's a Tesla valve? Let me copy/paste that for you while I make a code red emergency run to the restroom, convince myself I'm overreacting and downgrade the emergency to a code yellow and pace to a brisk walk, then poop my pants in the hallway:

A Tesla valve, called by Tesla a valvular conduit, is a fixed-geometry passive check valve. It allows a fluid to flow preferentially in one direction, without moving parts.

So it's easier for a fluid to flow in one direction than the other, kind of like a playground slide. "Not exactly." Whatever. "Do you actually have to try to be so stupid?" *opening pistachios, only eating shells* No it comes naturally.

Keep going for the video and learn something.

Thanks to shashi, who agrees there's just something about this man's teacherness that inspires learning.

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