The Knifelace, A Pendant Necklace With A 1-Inch Blade Inside

December 17, 2019

From the makers of the Tacticlip comes the already funded Kickstarter campaign for the $35 Knifelace, a small hammered pendant necklace with magnetic closure that conceals a 1-inch hawkbill blade inside. Some more info while I start bleeding on my desk calendar trying to play five-finger-filet with a coworker's stolen letter opener:

Having a knife on-hand is invaluable for cutting seatbelts, cutting through packing tape, opening up a blister pack, you name it. While you won't be spear fishing with the Knifelace®, our goal is to equip the strong-minded woman to be more adaptable, prepared, and ready for the unexpected.

Just to be clear, the knifelace was not designed or intended to be used for self defense, it's just a handy little knife for cutting things. Me? Personally I always carry a ninja sword, but that's just me and I'm always being asked to leave places for scaring everyone.

Keep going for a few shots and a video.




Thanks to Beau, who agrees a blade in need is a friend indeed.

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