Thanks, Internet: Pachelbel's Canon In D Performed By Train Horns

December 6, 2019


Note: Quick flashing colors.

Because given enough time, the internet will provide, this is a video of Pachelbel's iconic Canon In D performed by clips of train horns edited from footage by ACETrainsUK (plus a little Thomas The Tank Engine action at 1:00). It starts off good and just keeps getting better until it feels like your mind is about to melt in ecstasy after the drop at the 2-minute mark. I listened to it twice back-to-back, and let me tell you *lights firework, begins smoking like a cigarette* I don't think I've heard a more romantic version.

Keep going for the whole video (the horns begin at 0:20) but if you're just going to watch a few seconds skip to 1:55 and prepare to be blown away.

Thanks to Joselyn, who agrees we should all hop on a train and see the countryside.

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