Tesla Cybertruck Spotted In The Wild (Including Elon Musk Running A Red Light And Over A Traffic Pylon)

December 9, 2019

These are a couple videos of Elon Musk spotted in a Tesla Cybertruck (sans side mirrors) out in the wild. The first is of Elon speeding out of the Nobu restaurant parking lot in Malibu after the light has already turned green for oncoming traffic and running over a traffic pylon, the second is cruising down the 405 freeway. It sucks running over traffic pylons isn't a sign of self-made billionaires because I do that all the time. Sometimes I even unknowingly drag them to work with me. But I always stop for school buses when the lights are flashing though because if there's one rule I live by, it's only hitting people with my car that I mean to.

Keep going for the videos while I tweet Elon to let him know just how similar we are and can I have a million dollars.

Thanks to Dave C and putz, who agree Elon SHOULD be spending his money developing affordable jetpack technology.

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