Simple DIY Papercraft Baby Yoda In Floating Pod Christmas Tree Ornament

December 20, 2019


Note: Full resolution version HERE.

This is the very simple print-and-fold-and-cut-and-tape The Child tree ornament created by one of the artists working on The Mandalorian and shared on Twitter by series creator Jon Favreau. Simple enough. I guess maybe Disney feels kinda guilty (LOLOL) about not getting the Baby Yoda merchandise machine up and running in time for Christmas. *shrug* Maybe Mickey chewed through an ignition wire or something.

Keep going for several example of Baby Yoda hanging out in trees like an Ewok.





Thanks to Lydia, Christina D, and Linc, who agrees this is going to look great albeit out of place next to your homemade John McClane in an air vent Die Hard Christmas tree ornament.

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