Say What Now?: Salmon Farmers Save Bald Eagle From Octopus

December 13, 2019


This is a video captured by some salmon farmers who, returning to their houseboat, spotted a bald eagle in the grips of an octopus. I wonder how that happened. Did the eagle try grabbing the octopus for a snack and have the tables turned? I hate it when the tables turn on me. I do love flipping them when I lose at board games though.

The team watched the interaction for about five minutes, unsure if they should intervene to help.

"We weren't sure if we should interfere because it is mother nature, survival of the fittest," Ilett said. "But it was heart wrenching -- to see this octopus was trying to drown this eagle."

Ilett and his team decided they had to do something to help. After getting close to the battle, Ilett reached out with a pole with a small hook attached to it while another co-worker started recording.

"I was able to just latch on to the octopus and give it a little tug," he said. "It released its grip ... which gave the eagle just enough time to get to shore.

Interesting. Of course it's likely the octopus wasn't trying to drown the eagle at all, just mate so its offspring would be able to fly, an ability octopuses lost hundreds of millions of years ago after coming to earth from space and deciding to populate the oceans instead of the skies. *shrug* I guess now we just have to wait and see.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to my dad, for reminding me of the classic joke he used to tell about a Bald Eagle tasting like something between a California Condor and Spotted Owl.

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