Questionable: How To Extinguish A Person That's On Fire

December 6, 2019

Because apparently stop, drop, and roll is old hat, this is a video from the Indonesian Civil Defense demonstrating how to extinguish a person whose clothes are on fire. *licks finger, sizzles on sad butt leaving a blue stain on khakis from Razzberry Blow Pop* They start with an arm, then demonstrate the leg and chest as well. Of course maybe if you didn't set a friend on fire in the first place you wouldn't have to extinguish them. Also, I feel like this isn't really practical for real life situations because it's just the alcohol they sprayed on the clothes that's burning, not the actual clothes. These are more superficial fires. And you know how I feel about superficial fires. "They don't get the job done." If you can't see it from space, I didn't start it.

Keep going for the full video while I teach a crash course in dumpster fires in the alley behind our office.

Thanks again to Josh J, who agrees this is no time for magic tricks.

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