Pringles Running Super Bowl Ad, Releasing Rick And Morty Pickle Rick Flavored Chips

December 18, 2019


Because *breathes in deeply, starts coughing* what a time to be alive, Adult Swim and Pringles have announced they're dropping a 30-second animated commercial during the Super Bowl for Pickle Rick flavored chips, which will be available nationwide the same day. Some more info while I buy all the Cool Ranch Doritos in the break room vending machine, then sell them to coworkers for $2 instead of $1. Never stop hustlin':

For the 2020 Big Game, Pringles® is returning for the third year in a row, but this time in partnership with the biggest pop culture hit around, Adult Swim's award-winning series Rick and Morty™. Known for its bold flavors, playful nature and endless stacking possibilities, Pringles will this year test the limits with Rick and Morty, in a humorous, mind-bending animated spot. And because of the intense fandom around Rick and Morty, the partnership will feature a flavor of their very own. ...These crisps hit shelves coast to coast timed around the Big Game, but only in our universe (C-137).

But are the chips just pickle flavored or are they pickle Rick flavored? Because I feel like there's a difference. I also feel like Pickle Rick flavored chips should get you drunk, or, at the very least, make you very sick. Because there's no way somebody could get an actual taste of Rick and not require immediate medical attention. BRING BACK THE HOT DIGGITY DOG HOT DOG FLAVORED PRINGLES.

Thanks to Ash and Linby, who agrees the best chip of all time remains chocolate.

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