Okaaaay: People Getting Lip Fillers To Achieve 'Devil Lips' With Pointed Exterior

December 17, 2019


These are several examples of the Russian trend of 'devil lips' or 'octopus lips', which involve people getting outer lip fillers strategically injected to create a wavy exterior to the lips, reminiscent of nightmares. I mean, wow. Just...wow. "If you dislike them so much, why did you just add them to your Christmas list?" What the *covering with elbow like a test you're trying to cheat off of* THIS IS FOR SANTA'S EYES ONLY.

Keep going for several more examples of the trend while I speculate if my lips are gonna wind up looking like a popped pool float in a few years.





Thanks to Christina D, who agrees if you don't couple these with some fang implants, how is anybody supposed to take demon you seriously?

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