Okaaaaay: Playing A Creepy Doll Head Theremin

December 11, 2019


Note: Watch your volume, loud haunts.

This is a video of musician and Youtuber cubitsocks playing a creepy doll head theremin. Some more info about the instrument while I perform a sweep of my house to ensure I don't have creepy doll head anythings:

Photocell on the back of Baby's head controls light input and frequency. Low light = low tone; high light = high tone. A separate tone control knob can also be used... I used a BP355 bass effects pedal set on VIBES to add a bit of texture. ...I received this as a gift.

You received it as a gift, huh? You must have interesting friends. My friends usually just give gift cards, or, even more commonly, nothing at all. *shrug* I suppose we're a pretty boring group. "Didn't you all get arrested at bar trivia last week?" I'm actually not allowed to talk about that until after the investigation but yes and trivia jockey Keith should have just let us spin the bonus wheel.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to W Liza, who agrees the only person who's probably into this is that creeper Sid from Toy Story.

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