Oh Wow: Woman Spotted At Gas Station Trying To Fill Up Plastic Shopping Bags With Gas, Put In Trunk

December 12, 2019


Because poor decision making knows no bounds, this is a video from a Kroger gas station of a woman who, presumably wanting to make the most of her Kroger Fuel Points discount, decides to fill up a plastic bag with gas and put it in her trunk. I thought the double bagging was a nice touch, as well as the person just filming and not saying anything. Still, gasoline in plastic bags, that's just...wow. "Says the guy who intentionally sprays gas on the floor of his car so he can smell it all day." That's different, I know what I'm doing. "Which is?" Well not smoking anymore for one.

Keep going for the video while I fondly reminisce about the most recent time I used my grocery store fuel points and saved $2.30/gallon filling up! It was my highlight of 2019, easy.

Thanks again to Joselyn, who agrees sometimes you just have to learn the hard way.

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