Oh Wow: Man Converts Basement Into A 1980's Video Rental Store To Display His Movie Collection

December 12, 2019


This is a half hour video tour of Nostalgia Video, a 1980's themed video rental store constructed in the basement of the owner's home to display his expansive VHS video collection. He also maintains an online store that sells vintage VHS tapes as well as custom VHS clamshell boxes for new movies that you can either put your existing DVD or Blu-Ray into, or transfer to an actual VHS tape for a more authentic, shit-quality viewing experience. Man, it's still pretty wild to think that just over ten years ago you had to go to a *wrestling over remote* physical video rental store to argue with your girlfriend which movie to watch. "You chose last night!" And I chose well.

Keep going for the video while I turn my basement into the tiki bar I've always dreamed it was.

Thanks to Brianna, who agrees that, minus actually having to leave your house, going to the video rental store was great because you had the opportunity to grab some snacks too.

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