Now Clean The Walls And Ceiling: A Flying Roomba

December 26, 2019

This is a video created by engineer and Youtuber Peter Sripol of a robotic vacuum with three ducted fans attached so it can fly. As far as good ideas go, this might be the best and worst I've seen. Personally, I hate carrying things up and down the stairs so I just bought a separate Roomba for each floor of my house. "So one?" Well my house is only one story, but I don't actually own any Roombas because I don't believe in handing over detailed blueprints of my home to the robots so easily. Plus I believe in cleaning the old fashioned way. "Yelling at the hired help?" They have names, you know. "What are they?" Okay I always just yell peasants.

Keep going for the video, but definitely skip around because ten minutes and at least eight too long.

Thanks to Crypto, who agrees if you don't mod your Roomba to fly and name it Rose, are you even a Titanic fan?

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November 11, 2019
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