Mariah Carey's 'All I Want For Christmas' x Radiohead 'Creep' Mashup

December 17, 2019


Because *replacing egg nog carton in beer helmet* 'tis the season, this is a mashup of Mariah Carey's Christmas classic 'All I Want For Christmas' and Radiohead's 'Creep'. I'll be honest, I didn't feel like it's the banger that the 'All I Want For Christmas' x Marilyn Manson 'Beautiful People' mashup was. I still liked it though, although my girlfriend did not. Well, at least not enough to be the soundtrack to a hot and heavy make out session last night. "You're so weird," she said, laughing and snapping the elastic of my sleep mask like a bra, effectively ending any would-be sexy times.

Keep going for the mashup while I speculate how the hell nobody's made a Christmas mashup with 'Fake Plastic Trees' yet. IT'S TOO PERFECT.

Thanks to Charlotte, who agrees the last thing anybody needs for Christmas is a creep.

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