Man Builds 16-Foot Starship Enterprise For His Outdoor Christmas Display

December 9, 2019


This is a local news report starring Montcon, Canadian man Martin Ahern and the 16-foot scale replica USS Enterprise he constructed in his backyard for his exterior Christmas display. According to Martin, "You can't have Christmas without Star Trek, right?" and I couldn't agree more because, just like Martin, I understand the true meaning of Christmas.

Hovering uncloaked over his yard, Ahern made a replica of the Enterprise that is 16 feet long. He said he spent eight months hand-crafting the mother ship based on the original Star Trek series to near perfect scale.

It's held together with wood and duct tape, and designed right down to the smallest detail.

"I tried to program it close to the original with the original colours," said Ahern. "The saucer is in four sections and everything comes apart because you can't built that all in one piece in the house."

"It's gratifying to see that that people appreciate it," said Ahern, which he says motives him to take the display to a bold new world next year.

Heck yeah wood and duct tape -- that's pretty much how I'm held together now too. Ever since that no-good phony Wizard Of Oz shafted me, I've just been falling apart. "Maybe you should have asked for joint upgrades instead of an emerald penis." Maybe you should go kick yellow bricks.

Keep going for the video, Enterprise part starts around 0:50.

Thanks to E.V.I.L.A.R.E.S., who agrees if you don't have a live nativity scene with wise men constantly beaming up and down from the Enterprise, why even bother decorating at all?

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