Important Information: Clever Gift Wrapping Hacks

December 19, 2019

These are two different videos from DIY site Blossom detailing some very clever gift wrapping hacks you might not have known about. Or at least I didn't. Of course most gifts I give are just presented in the box or bag Amazon sent them in, or, if I really need to check/use the item myself before gifting it, a brown grocery bag or white 13-gallon kitchen trash bag. Man...I can't even begin to tell you how many times I've thrown away gifts thinking they were just garbage that needed to be taken out.

Keep going for the videos while I try to follow along and end up with nothing but a bunch of paper waste.

Thanks to MSA, who, at least in my eyes, is a gift wrapping witch (like graduated from Hogwarts, not lives in the swamp and scares children).

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