I'm Flying Jack!: Driver Loses Control Of Vehicle, Launches Over Cars Lined Up At Dealership

December 6, 2019

This is a short security cam video of a Citrus County, Florida motorist who got dizzy behind the wheel, lost control of his Camry, and launched out of a ditch, flying 139 feet over two rows of cars lined up at a dealership before crashing into two others and coming to a stop. Thankfully, nobody at the dealership was injured and the driver was treated at the hospital but fine now. I mean, except for those dizzy spells. You might want to get those investigated. Also, was that dealership employee at the very beginning signaling a touchdown?

Keep going for the whole video in full speed, complete with another camera angle of the car crashing into the others.

Thanks to Josh J, who agrees never drive dizzy.

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