I'm Already Training: Nickelodeon's Legends Of The Hidden Temple Returning With Adult Contestants

December 17, 2019


Because 1980's and 90's nostalgia is a cash-cow these days, it's been announced that the mid 90's Nickelodeon game show Legends Of The Hidden Temple will be returning to the "built for millennials" $5/month short form (all programming will be presented in around 10-minute episodes) mobile-only streaming service Quibi (short for quick bites, launched early 2020), so we can expect about one season before the service is discontinued. Still, I've already started training for my Season 1 journey through the temple, which will also double as my training for the climb up the Aggro Crag on the inevitable doomed revival of Nickelodeon GUTS on a Juul-only streaming service created for Zillennials.

Keep going for a temple run video for reference which, damn, didn't really hold up the way I expected it to.

Thanks to Closet Nerd, who agrees if you aren't using Red Jaguar, Blue Barracuda, Green Monkey, Orange Iguana, Purple Parrot, or Silver Snake and your favorite number as a computer password right now can you even consider yourself a fan? (mine's OrangeIguana6969)

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