I Want Out: A $305 Earring That's Actually The Card That Earrings Are Sold On

December 31, 2019


This is the White & Gold Single Tag Earring designed by French luxury fashion house Maison Margiela. It's a single earring that looks like the little card that earrings are sold on, because it is one. Obviously, it's everything that's wrong with the world. Thankfully for those who disagree and are interested/tasteless, it's recently had its price reduced from $305 to a mere $92, presumably because they're not selling like the hotcakes they anticipated. *hocking loogie to spit at 2019* Good riddance! *spits, hits 2020* Well shit.

Keep going for one more shot of the ridiculousness while my girlfriend tries to calm me down.


Thanks to my friend becca b, who agrees we should make a mall run to Claire's and start selling our own before the fad is over. "The fad never began." Well we can at least get an Orange Julius.

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