Holy Smokes: Security Cam Footage Of An Underground Gas Tank Exploding At Gas Station

December 6, 2019

These are two security cam videos from a gas station in Medinah, Saudi Arabia when one of its underground tanks explodes. Amazingly, nobody was injured, although one guy runs back to his car to get in and drive away, and another drives off with the nozzle still in his tank (I thought it was going to break off but it just yanks out). No word who's at fault for the explosion, but I suspect the mole people. They're always tunneling places they shouldn't be on account of not being able to read signs due to low light and piss-poor vision.

Keep going for this video and another gif from a different camera.

Thanks to Jacob, who agrees great, now I'm gonna have to convince my roommate to go fill up my tank for me whenever it gets low.

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