Holy Smokes: Ridiculous 3,424 Horsepower Hot Rod Semi Truck Sells For $12-Million

December 2, 2019


These are several shots of Thor24, a custom semi rig that took seven years and $7-million to build, and just sold at auction for $12-million. A decent profit. Some of the truck's specs while I replace my desktop's Optimus Prime wallpaper with a shot of this thing to make him jealous enough to drive me to the mall whenever I want, even during peak Christmas shopping season when he knows he won't be able to find a parking spot:

The Thor24 started out as a Peterbilt 359 crew cab semi and was stretched to 44 feet to make enough room to fit twin 13.9-liter Detroit diesel V12 engines. The 24-cylinder engine is paired to a total of 12 superchargers that helps it churn out a tarmac-ripping output of 3974 horsepower. To top it all, the rig also has nitrous oxide bottles because why not! And guess what? It also has an upswept exhaust pipe for each of the 24 cylinders - how crazy is that. Although the rig weighs more than 32,000 pounds, it has a claimed top speed of 130 mph. In fact, the truck is so heavy that it needs four Simpson drag parachutes to stop because the standard brakes are not enough.

That all sounds very...excessive. Besides, do you know how many monster trucks you could buy for $12-million? They're only like $250,000 apiece. "Whoever bought it probably already has like twenty." I've never been more jealous in my entire life. I only own one monster turck, and when I die I'm going to buried in it. "That's gonna be one hell of a hole to dig, GW." Pfft *revs engine, lines truck up with volcano* who said anything about digging?

Keep going for a ton more shots of the only truck capable of hauling Thor's hammer.














Thanks again to v, who agrees there's never been a more appropriate looking semi for hauling a cage-trailer full of demons.

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