Guy Goes Nuts In Theater After Somebody Checks Their Phone During Opening Of New Star Wars

December 31, 2019

This is a video from a Vancouver, Canada movie theater of a guy having a meltdown after somebody checked their phone during the opening of the new Star Wars movie. Admittedly, can you even call yourself a Star Wars fan if you wouldn't have done the same thing? Per the person who recorded the incident:

"This dude lost it when someone checked their phone screen during the opening of Star Wars. The theatre was forced to restart the movie."

I, uh, I really don't even know what to say. On one hand you absolutely shouldn't use your phone in the movie theater (and that person should have also been kicked out like they warn after the previews at my local theater), but on the other, this man should have just Force-choked that nerd out and resumed watching. Instead he got booted from the theater. Honesty, I just wish I was as passionate about anything as this man is about movie theater etiquette. I would be so good at my hobbies.

Keep going for the video while I invite this guy to watch that Sonic the Hedgehog movie with me then try to talk through the whole thing.

Thanks to hairless and DT, who agrees sometimes you just have to flip a bucket of popcorn and initiate some fisticuffs.

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