Thanks, Internet!: Girl Trapped In Bushes Trying To Rush Field After Alabama/Auburn Game Gets Super Mario Sound Effects Added

December 3, 2019

Because a win again their rival in the Iron Bowl demands a sacrifice, and apparently that sacrifice is the bushes surrounding the field at Jordan-Hare Stadium (students did the same thing back in 2017, those poor bushes were probably just starting to piece their lives back together), this is a video of an Auburn fan getting stuck in them after the win against Alabama, with some fun Super Mario Bros sound effects added. There's also a student victoriously waving what appears to be the entirety of an Ent penis around in front of her. I'm surprised they didn't blur that out.

Keep going for the video, complete with sound effects and sad closeup at the end.

Thanks to MSA, who agrees those bushes didn't deserve that and every student that jumped into them better plant at least ten trees.

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