For The Toughest IT Departments: Ctrl-Alt-Delete Brass Knuckles

December 23, 2019


These are the Ctrl-Alt-Delete rings made and sold by Etsy shop JoyComplex. Available in vintage steel ($80), bronze steel ($80), and gold steel ($90), they make the perfect accessory for the IT professional who feels like people don't take them seriously when they ask if they've tried turning their computer off and back on again. "Of course I tried that, you think I'd call you over here if I hadn't, ding-a-ling?" Well what do you say *casually flashes jaw resetter* I watch you do it again, for my own sake? "But I'm your uncle!" PUSH THE BUTTONS.

Keep going for a few more shots.




Thanks to Cameron, who agrees there's no computer problem a hard shove off the desk can't solve.

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