Finally, Smash Mouth's 'All Star' Covered On Wind Instruments Made From Melons

December 4, 2019


Because everybody needs a hobby, this is a video of possible Steve Aoki impersonator and Youtuber Pupsi (I'm more of a Cuke guy myself) covering Smash Mouth's 'All Star' using nothing but the wind instruments he constructed from various melons. And speaking of melons-- "Boobies!" I swear, I can't take you anywhere. "We're at a strip club." WE'RE HERE FOR THE BUFFET. Now fill your pockets with that diced honeydew and don't even think about getting a lap dance afterwards.

Keep going for the video while I fill my pockets with boiled hotdogs. Song actually begins at 1:45, everything prior to that is instruments construction.

Thanks to Josh J, who agrees when aliens come to visit our decimated world hundreds of years from now they'll find and listen to a digital copy of Smash Mouth's 'All Star' and know at least somebody did something right once.

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