Finally: Christmas Dinner In A Can For Gamers Now Available In Vegetarian And Vegan Options

December 13, 2019


Remember UK-based video game retailer GAME's Christmas Tinner -- a Christmas dinner in a can designed for gamers too busy to cook anything? I'm gonna be honest, that was 2013 and I don't remember anything prior to Thanksgiving (thanks to DT for the heads-up). Well now the company has released 12-layer vegetarian and vegan varieties of its table for one in a can. And I would eat them. I would eat them, and wash them down with a big glass of sadness. Come on, Christmas is about family. Family giving you presents. "We've decided not to exchange gifts this year." Oh cool, I'll just spend my airfare on video games and canned meals.

Thanks to Derek, but not my imaginary roommate Derek, who I happen to know is still asleep right now.

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